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iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak for any iDevice with Taig

Goods to say this. Again we are gonna show you about iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak with Taig. After this guide article you will fully setup for all jailbreak tweaks and you will be finally ready without any sort of errors in ios 9.3.2 Taig jailbreak.

This is work for iPhone 4s and all the way up to the iPhone 6 plus and also IPad, iPad second generation and all the way up to the ipad air second generation. We also have the IPad mini 2 and ipad mini 3 and the ipod touch 5th generation as well as supported by this Taig jailbreak of iOS 9.3.2.

As a first step you need to download latest Taig jailbreak tool. So you can download any Taig tool from below download link and you may be windows user or mac user. It’s Does not matter. You can choose any Taig tool software which is support to Windows and which is support to the Mac OS. Now you can go through below link and download it. then you can install it.

Click here to download latest Taig tool

Then you just need to connect your iDevice to your PC via USB cable and then you just need to right click on Taig app icon on your PC. And after that please run this aplication as administrator. Keep in mind you just need latest iTune for this jailbreak. Because lot of people saying that they are stuck on 20% of the jailbreak process. And that could be because iTune compatibility issues. Therefor you need to download latest iTune version from below download link.

Click here to direct download iTunes

And as a next step please click on green color button on Taig window of your desktop. Then it will start the Taig jailbreak process quickly. And it will take several time and after few minutes your iDevice will restart for first time of this Taig jailbreak. And after turn on your device you will receive massage about storage. Just ignore that. And then you will receive massage to inform you jailbreak succeeded. Then close thw window of Taig. Now go ahead and wait for the final boot up here on iPhone. Then it will reboot for last time of this Taig jailbreak. Then please go to home screen and tap on Cydia icon on your iDevice. And it will take few second to load files and data. After that you can use it and yu can enjoy iOS 9.3.2.

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