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How To Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 Without Computer

Today We are going to tell you important message to you. So We are going to show you how to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 without computer and only we required your iDevice. Already we gave you more jailbreak methods with different iOS jailbreak firmware. So sometimes already you jailbroke your iDevice. But someone’s still not yet jailbreak. I think this guide article will help you to jailbreak your iDevice.This jailbreak is a semi untethered jailbreak. let see how to do it. Very easy way to jailbreak without computer. So firstly you need to disable passcode and sign out from iCould and this is compulsory. Then open your safari web browser on your iDevice and you just need to go to below web site to download Pangu PP app to your iDevice.

Click here to download pangu pp app

And after you go to that site, it will receive install button like below image. And then click on it and it will star installing pangu pp app on your home screen. And keep in mind using this jailbreak method you do not have to put your apple ID in so it is verified right away. So it is really safe method than other method.


After install it you can see that pangu pp app on home screen of your iDevice. Then you just need to open it. So please tap on that pp app. And again back and go to setting and go general and then to device manager option. It will show you next iOS firmware to update. Tap on it and again tap on trust button to trust this process And now again you just need to go to pangu pp app on your iDevice. And it will give you another window and please click on ok button on that window.

Again you will receive another window with circle. Please tap on it and again tap on screen after you click on previous circle and after that please lock your device. Keep in mind please don’t power of or restore while this work. Then automatically your lock screen will turn on. And it will show you pp app’s message. And keep in mind it will take around 5 minutes and therefore please don’t tap on screen or do not touch anything of your screen. After few minutes your iDevice will automatically reboot.

Then you can go to your home screen and swipe your home screen and you can see Cydia app on your home screen. Tap on it and refresh it to load new data of new firmware.

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