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How To Jailbreak iOS 9.3.4 Using Pangu PP App Without A Computer


Hey We’re Going to show you how to jailbreak the latest 9.3.4 firmware without a computer. So great news for Mac users and anyone that just can’t access a computer. This is all going to happen from the device, now this is only supporting 64-bit devices at the minute.  So let me just bring that into you. these are the devices only these devices are supported 5s , 6 , 6plus , 6s , 6s plus, 5E , iPod Touch 6G , iPad Mini 2 , iPad Mini 3 , iPad Min 4 , iPad Air , iPad Air 2 , iPad Pro. Guys now before we start we need to get the device ready. We’re just show you that this success is running 9.3.4 there you go.

So the first thing we want you to do is scroll down to Safari and clear all history once that’s done. I want you to kill everything and then reboot the device turn it off then back on again. Now in the description is the only link you need we’re going to place.

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It in now due to high traffic you may need to wake up two seconds for it to load. If you feel like it’s not loading all you need to do is just hit there and then refresh the page. Just keep refreshing is the direct link will take you directly here. To install again hit the home button and it will start to install. Finally it installed. it didn’t even show it loading. it just showed the loading will hear you wait and it will pop up once it’s done. I did kill safari history to lead the app reboot keep going obviously. There’s very high traffic so on to the next stage we need to of course. When we get to launch it we need to manually allow access, we do that by go to

 Settings —–> General —–> Profiles —–> Device Management —–>  Profile

Then choose trust again and now we can launch the application. Now in this middle circle tap that once sleep the device and then wait to get this message. Just leave it be let it reboot it self. Then touch it there we go we seem to be back in and there it is cydia. so on to the last bit of course every time you reboot the device.

you need to run the pangu app don’t need to connect it to a computer once again install done from the device. So as you see when you reboot just going to crash all you need to do is go into the panga app the p with the pangu. In the backgrounds same again sleep a lot quicker. This time just a quick early spring and everything back in everything. They even installed via cydia remains nothing is lost nothing is broken and it’s bang you’re right back in.


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