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Top 5 iOS 9.3.3 Cydia Tweaks

I think now you have jailbroken ios 9.3.3 and also you have Cydia and there are more than 100 tweaks. Some tweaks are free and some tweaks are expensive. Therefore we are gonna tell you about top 5 tweaks of ios 9.3.3 jailbreak.

 First is Cylinder
This tweak is very cool and very popular tweak that is going to allow you to get these really cool animation as you swipe your different pages on your springboard and if you go in to here into effects and settings you can see there is just an endless amount of deferent ones that you can get and if you want you can set to a time and you can get really cool animation.

This is the same tweak of ios 9.3.3 cydia jailbreak tweaks. This tweak is very good for the apple I 6 plus users. His also free tweak for you. That is going to disable the landscape rotation. So if you turn off auto lock it is not going to rotate. And this is very helpful and very voluble tweak for us.


Let’s get right into it combine your control center and absolute you are in to one using a little act really nice interface has a couple of pages here. And this is very functional and you can also active it from the side and if you sign up on this it clears everything out.

This tweak also free tweak and this also very cool and very helpful one. And there is a issue on a third party keyboards and that they usually are not as responsive as a stock is keyboard. So this is doing is actually adding an overlay to the stock keyboard rather than giving you a new one. And this keyboard is transparent and inside their settings for it there is just overall just a lot of options you can do it you can change the colours and you can gradient effect like disappear and and also you can change how transparent you want and stuff like this and

This is another free tweak for the ios jailbreak 9.3.3 version. This also very popular and very cool tweak for you. So what is does is it is going to allow you to change the device resolution of your screen. So this tweak going to mean is that you can put deferent devices resolutions on your screen tricking.

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